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Where to buy good quality mail order bags

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What are mail order bags?

"Mailing & Courier bags are designed for protecting products and delivery of those products. Plastic mailing bags are lightweight, saves money on postage and are water resistant."

Source: mail order bags at Packaging Knowledge.

Types of mail order bags

Economy mailers

Economy range for simple but effective protection these can be plain and coloured mailers plus the Polybags Ltd. Mailite range with a pre-printed address window. The most economic way to send literature to your customers and staff and much lighter than paper envelopes.

Courier sacks

Wide popular range of large and very large courier sacks with double seals. Courier sacks can be made out of bubble, foam, plastic, Tyvek, manilla, corrugated reinforced, and come in a variety of sizes and styles. - get a sample for free at Polybags to see the tough quality!

Security mailers

Security mailers are extra thick white opaque mailers with tamper evident sealing strip. The welds have a side skirt as well to give extra security to the package. Ideal for all business, professional and personal correspondence offering a convenient, secure and no-moisture required Grip-Seal flap. Simply peel off release strip and press down for a quick, secure seal.

Jiffy mailers

The standard featherpost 'jiffy style' mailers are paper padded envelope with a self seal strip for closure. This range is bubble lined rather than pulp filled so whilst being padded to protect contents they are also very light. Jiffy cushioned mailers are ideally suited for the shipping of a wide range of semi fragile, low profile products.

Paper feel plastic envelopes

A plastic envelope with the feel of paper (but much stronger and waterproof of course).

Uses of mailing bags

Mailorder bags can be used for many different marketing materials. Many different industries currently use these bags including

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Financial Planner
  • Travel Consultants
  • Event Planning
  • Direct Sales Consultants

Mail Order Bags can also be used in different settings such as for:

  • Delivering Information to That Important Client
  • Mailings
  • Presentation Packets at Networking Events
  • Trade Shows

Blue postal mailers

A range of good value strong bags ideal for 'mail order' sales. Ideal for garments and a myriad of online or catalogue products. The bags are an attractive opaque metallic blue and are strong without being too thick and so expensive. A best seller line for ebay and paypal customers selling their products on-line.

Heavy duty mailers

Thicker opaque mailers in a strong co-extruded material where you need to be sure that the mailer can withstand some rough handling in transit.

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